Friday, December 9, 2016

EOC:what are the benefits vs features

What are the Benefit vs the features?

     Its not that someone will need or have to have my product its just makes life easier for a person to get the caffeine they need or want or think they need, its giving the easy way out and more sleep in the morning with a benefit of having the caffeine. The feature of my product is a espresso bean covered in white chocolate which hit the spot for all coffee lovers and chocolate lovers.

Friday, December 2, 2016

EOC: Creative Content

I will be creating a magazine cover in photoshop. I will have a model display with my chocolate covered coffee beans. The cover will be Feel good food magazine. The model will be holding the bean

Friday, November 18, 2016

Implementation Evaluation Control

Once the first steps to implementation are taken, evaluation and control will help guide the organization to success as laid out by the marketing plan.

implementation the process that turns a marketing plan into action assignments and ensures that these assignments are executed in a way that accomplishes the plan's objectives


The price of my product will be 5.99 for an 8oz bag. 

Customer value is not simply a matter of high quality. A high-quality product that is available only at a high price will not be perceived as a good value, nor will bare-bones service or low-quality goods selling for a low price

                   If a customer finds that a competitor has reduced the price of an item also sold at Nordstrom, Nordstrom will match the other retailer's price and credit the customer's account—even long after the sale is made.


I will be going around to the coffee houses and stores to have my products on the counters. with free samples for anyone who would want them.

In contrast, market-oriented organizations recognize that promotion decisions are only one of four basic marketing mix decisions that must be made: product decisions, place (or distribution) decisions, promotion decisions, and pricing decisions.
                            Marketing-controlled information sources include mass media advertising (radio, newspaper, television, and magazine advertising), sales promotion (contests, displays, premiums, and so forth), salespeople, product labels and packaging, and the Internet.